Ways To Help

ways to help

Every day a baby dies or is left with a severe brain injury due to complications during labour in the UK

These incidents can be avoided with investment in equipment and training. Help us to help by providing hospitals with their equipment and training wish-lists.

Ways to help

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Challenge Yourself for Charity

Whether you swim, run, jog, hop, skip, knit, or even skydive, doing something challenging for a worthy cause is so rewarding!
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Fundraising in the Community

Raise money in the community for your local unit – there are plenty of ways to do it. You could hold a fete, do a bake sale, hold a raffle, or organise a running event.

Fundraising in your Office

Staff love feeling part of something positive, and so office-related fundraising events always go down well! You could have old-fashioned games: guess the sweets in a jar, guess the name of the teddy, and guess the weight of the cake. You could also challenge your staff as a team– static bike rides, and office sweepstakes.

Saying Thanks

Want to thank your local maternity unit for their hard work? Whether you’ve recently been admitted to the local maternity unit, know somebody that has, or just want to thank them for their tireless efforts, this is a great way to do it.

First Steps to Raising Money

A-Z of Fundraising

View our fundraising guide to get inspired with ways to help

Set up a fundraising page

Setting the fundraising target to cover the cost of a piece of equipment will help to keep you and your supporters motivated

Get in touch

to receive a fundraising pack and talk through anything